Alcatraz 2023: 34 new bands announced

Author Flavia Andrade - 28.11.2022

Besides the first 49 bands previously announced for 2023’s Alcatraz festival, in Belgium, the organizers have unleashed a new batch of names for next year’s edition. And there are still more attractions to be announced.

Check out the new names below:

Alestorm, Dismember, Possessed, Russian Circles, Sepultura, Brutus, Converge, Bury Tomorrow, Godflesh, Prong, Stake, Sacred Reich, KING 810, Archspire, Vomitory, Exciter, Rise Of The Northstar, Vicious Rumors, Twilight Force, Acid King, Fifth Angel, Angelus Apatrida, Annisokay, Brand Of Sacrifice, Crystal Viper, Depressive Age, Brutal Sphincter, Frozen Soul, Predatory Void, My Diligence, Serial Butcher, Schizophrenia , Iron Mask, Mantah.

The festival has also presented different types of accomodation for patrons attending Alcatraz 2023. Located near the festival arena, Alcatraz Eagle Plaza provides a touch of luxury for those fans who enjoy that little bit extra. You can rent basic tents, more luxurious Delta tents and even top-of-the-line lodges and group tents.
All accommodations are fully equipped and ready-to-go for a carefree festival experience. Prices vary between €26-75 per person per night and added value seekers can book an additional breakfast package or even a wonderful breakfast buffet.

You can get more info on accomodation here.

You can buy festival tickets here.