A quality start for Chamelion – review of their debut album “Legends & Lores”

Author Benedetta Baldin - 5.1.2024

Before diving into the releases that 2024 will bring, it would be appropriate to conclude with the ones released in December 2023, just like Chamelion‘s debut album, “Legends & Lores”, published via Rockshots Records. And if you have stumbled on Chaoszine before or you’re familiar with the reviews I write, you’ll know that my heart lies with power metal, so I was eager to listen to this album, and carefully analyze it.

While it’s definitely a power metal album, there are plenty of melodic and symphonic influences, which are not bad at all. But what struck me most was the outstanding storytelling of these legends and lores. The tracks are so flawlessly connected with one another, that if someone were to listen to the album in shuffle mode it would lose its grandiosity and majesty. I felt right beside the people of Chelos: chanting for our hero (“Hero’s Tale“), fearing the evil (“The Demonic Creature Of The Night“), fighting the war, and rising above the vanquished enemy (“Glorious Dawn“).

One aspect instead that could use some improvement is in the melodies: they are very interesting and sophisticated yet smooth, but I would have chosen a different approach when pairing them with the lyrics. Nonetheless, the whole listening experience was absolutely enjoyable and this minor detail hasn’t impacted it. Did I notice a subtle Nightwish reference in “Faith And Steel“? If so, it was superb!

The production, mixing and mastering are very well-executed, and if I hadn’t read before that this was a debut album, I wouldn’t have believed it. Chamelion has put a lot of thought, effort, and passion into this product, and the final result is commendable. In today’s world, where we look and we search for perfection everywhere, the Finnish group has certainly accomplished this task.

Another point to Chamelion goes for the impeccable ethereal atmosphere created in “The Valley Of The Kings“, which goes directly into my favorites just because it’s the closest thing we’ll get to a ballad, and the structured but balanced suite that closes the album, “Glorious Dawn“. The change of pace that follows some pure metal bars to others with just piano and voice are the cherry on top.

What more can I say? If you’re ready to embark on an adventure, press play, and let the vocals of Tomi Viitola guide you into the realm, where fantasy is not just a genre, but a destination that awaits everyone. You must be brave, and you will face many challenges, but you will emerge victorious. “I shall follow the fate, there’s no other way, Gods be with me!