A flawless acoustic journey – review of T.Jarva & The Dark Place’s debut album “Post Festum”

Author Benedetta Baldin - 9.2.2024

How extraordinary is the metal world, where you can create art, expand towards the boundaries of the genre, and still be authentic to yourself? It’s simply remarkable. And this is truly the case for T.Jarva & The Dark Place, as they have recently released “Post Festum”, a debut album that combines the best of the whole group.

Whoever thought that producing an acoustic record was a good idea should be promoted. It is an excellent idea, even more so if it’s so well-produced, mixed, and mastered as “Post Festum” is. The clarity of the sound and the mixing are marvelous, and it feels like the performance is happening in front of our very eyes or ears if you prefer. But whoever thought that making me write a review about an acoustic record was a good idea should not be promoted (it’s me, I’m whoever). Just because the initial spark ignited a curiosity that has since evolved into a full-blown infatuation. And when I’m in love, I fall hopelessly and unconditionally.

Let me ask you, is there anyone in the world who could not be enamored by the rich, profound, dense, and mighty sound of Taneli Jarva’s voice? The answer is no. Every single listener will fall under his spell, and we’re going to be completely in awe that we are not going to mind. His tone is such a pleasure to the ears. The lightheartedness in “Venus Is High“, the sorrow of “Mercy Curse“, the roughness of “January’s Child“… there is nothing in this world that this man wouldn’t be able to sing.

As much as I would love to keep on praising Mr. Jarva, I need to acknowledge and compliment the superb guitar work by Sami Hassinen, who has delved quite intricate, delightful, and sophisticated melodies and riffs. The more I listen to it, the more I am able to appreciate new details, new passages, and new emotions that the songs evoke. “The Crossroads’ Song” left a huge impact on me, and it’s definitely my favorite one.

It is not like me to give perfect scores to debut albums, but this time, it would be a crime to put anything less than 10/10. T.Jarva & The Dark Place crafted the ultimate masterpiece, and I’m not ashamed to say it out loud. Do yourselves a favor and discover “Post Festum”, because 44 minutes will fly by, lulling you into this spectacular musical journey.